The event

How it all started in 2017

The idea for this event came at the end of October 2016. Normally at the end of each month on Friday, a tinker evening, is held at the EURO-Motor shop in Hoevelaken for the regular customers. Peter Koen, 1 of the regular customers, had the idea to organize such a regular evening on a different way, maybe even international.


On Facebook the MP3 is well represented in several groups in the Netherlands as well in different other countries. What if we could combine the regular tinker evening with the invitation of foreign MP3 drivers, then we would have an international meeting.


The idea was discussed with Geert van Soeren, the owner of EURO-Motor. Geert was immediately excited about the idea and was willing to cooperate and gave us all the space needed to organize it and we were even able to use his shop premises as meeting venue. 


As reaction on the message spread in the several Facebook groups, national and international, we only received positive reactions. The messages that people were going to join this event were overwhelming. It even started to look that not only a few were going to come over, but quit a lot together with their machines.


On 28 and 29 April 2017 we finally held the first international meeting. It was a big and huge success. In total we had approximately 90 persons together to have a joyful talk with each other, to eat, drink and even to tinker on their machines. Piaggio MP3's, MP3 Yourbans, Gilera Fuoco's, Quadro's, Peugeot Metropolis and even a Can-Am Spyder were present at this meeting.


These persons came from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and from the United Kingdom. On the Saturday we all drove a fantastic tour, planed by Raymond van der Hoogt, with in total approximately 65 machines. It was a real impressive tour. A long row of 65 machines, driving through the real authentic Dutch countryside is really great and it makes you as an organizer very proud.


What started as an idea, has eventually turned out to be a great success, but also a start for many more of these events in future.


This will be a yearly event.