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Announcement on Facebook 28 may 2017

🇬🇧 Hello to all of you,

It is already one month ago that we had the first international tripod meeting and we all know that it was a big success. It tasted like we wanted more of this. Geert V Soeren was clear in his words on the last day, lets organise it again next year.

The original plan was that the German colleagues would organise the next one in 2018, but they contacted us. It is very hard for them to organise such an event of this order, they have to arrange all sorts of insurances, council permits and more formalities.

There was a great location in the centre of Germany, but nobody lives directly around it to easily arrange all necessary formalities with the local authorities. 

They’ve asked us to organise the second international Tripod Meeting in the Netherlands again. In a small meeting with Geert and Raymond van der Hoogt, we agreed in organizing it.

The second international Tripod Meeting will be held in the Netherlands, at the EURO-motor venue in Hoevelaken.

So put the weekend of Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of May 2018 in your calendar. Already ask for leave of work, book the ferries, arrange the hotels, make sure your machine is technical OK and we will blow the roof of the venue once more. Based on the experience of the first one, we will do it better and nicer.

Therefore, keep attention to all messages in this group, from now on we will post regularly more information regarding this event.


Peter Koen




Oosterdorpsstraat 113

3871 AC Hoevelaken