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Be Aware that the below mentioned prices are without the costs of sending it to you by mail. These costs will be charged extra and is various depending of the amount of Stickers and Patches ordered.


Unfortunatly it is not possible to order a Patch and Sticker in 1 order, due to the fact that they are produced by 2 different persons. 


Top Patches quality through quality embroidery machines.
The use of high luster yarn provides the special effect.
Also known as Patch used by applied adhesive layer on the back of the patch.

€ 8,-

Stickers / Aufkleber


Hight ca. 8,5 cm

Width ca. 9-10 cm

Foil glossy, is about 8 years durable.


Other colors

Silver foil is also possible, but at least a minimum of 10 pieces needs to be ordered. 

All orders will be counted, before there produced.


Stickers are produced with adhesive foil and can be attached to a smooth surface.


Different models and colors can be ordered, but specify it in the email.


Höhe ca. 8,5cm.

Breite ca.9-10 cm. 

Folie  Glanz ca. 8  Jahre haltbar.


Andere farben

Folie Silber auch möglich aber da müssen mindestens 10 Aufkleber zusammen kommen. Werde Anfragen sammeln und dann Bescheid geben.


Aufkleber werden mit Haftfolie ausgeliefert und sind dann leicht auf glaten sauberen Flächen anzubringen. 


Menge Modell und Farbe bei Anfrage mitteilen


Hoogte ca. 8,5 cm

Breedte ca. 9-10 cm

Stickerfolie is glanzend en blijft ongeveer 8 jaar goed


Andere kleuren

Zilver is ook mogenlijk, maar dan moeten er wel minimaal 10 bestellingen zijn. Alle aanvragen worden verzameld en geproduceerd indien minimaal 10.


De sticker wordt met plakfolie uitgerust en is gemakkelijk op een gladde ondergrond te bevestigen.


De verschillende modellen en kleuren zijn mogelijk, maar wel duidelijk in de email aangeven.

Example of the stickers
Example of the stickers

These are examples of the available stickers. In reality the original stickers are a little bigger as shown on this picture.

By pressing the order button, you will be directed to you're email.  By email you can ask for the color possibilities and you can adress you're questions or just simply place you're order. 

Sticker Piaggio MP3

Model 2009

€ 4,-

Sticker Piaggio MP3

Model 2017

€ 4,-

Sticker Gilera Fuoco

Regular model

€ 4,-

Peugeot Metropolis

Regular model

€ 4,-

Quadro 350

Regular model

€ 4,-